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With the United States presidential election coming up in just a few short months it is time to put together the All-President fantasy football team.

When most people think of presidents they usually picture an older person who is more or less past their athletic prime. That does not mean there aren’t a few stud athletes out there who also happened to be President of the United States.

We will only focus on the fantasy relevant positions, although I’m sure William Taft would make a great left tackle and can play for me any day, we will only be looking at QB, WR, RB, TE and Kicker.

Keep in mind this is a totally subjective list and I have no idea if some of these presidents are actually good football players. I will also not let my political views impact this list. Total bipartisanship here at Triple Coverage. As a disclaimer though should Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election he will immediately slide into the crazy owner role.

So, on that note, let’s take a look:

QB: John F. Kennedy

JFK is my starting QB. The Kennedy family tree is filled with decorated politicians and JFK may have been the best of them all. JFK is essentially the equivalent of Peyton Manning in the Manning family. Look, family pedigree only gets you so far but JFK also has the looks of a starting QB, and he played a little football at Harvard back in the day. He is someone young and strong who can lead your franchise to the promise land. There is an issue with injuries so it may be important to have a competent backup on the bench, just in case something happens to him…


Backup QB: Andrew Jackson

Jackson was a gunslinger back in his day, that translates very well to football. Think Brett Favre.


RB: Barack Obama

Barack wins the starting job coming out of training camp. Obama has youth on his side and since running backs tend to wear out early, youth plays a major role in Obama getting the start here. The “Flyin Hawaiian” is also a pretty good athlete. We’ve all seen the videos of Barry O playing hoops at North Carolina, dude can move. I expect him to make a seamless transition to the gridiron

obama .jpg

RB2: Dwight Eisenhower

Eisenhower wins a spot on this team because he played running back at Army during his college years. He loses his starting job to Obama because of his age, but he still has a spot on this team because of his experience. Think of him as a Fred Jackson with the Bills type player who can help guide the young up and coming backs.


WR: Abe Lincoln

Lincoln is a no brainer at WR. He is tall and lanky (he is the tallest president ever at 6’4”) and can without a doubt go up and make a play in any jump-ball situation. This makes him an ideal red zone threat. Not to mention at his height he probably has long strides that allow him to fly down the field and take the top off the defence. Like Kennedy, there are some injury concerns, so hopefully you are deep at the wide out position.


WR: Bill Clinton

No presidential fantasy team is complete without “Slick Willy”. Bill Clinton is sneaky more athletic than you think. Coming in at a surprising 6’2” Clinton has the size and body type to excel at the WR position. Plus, with Lincoln stretching the field it leaves a lot of room underneath for Clinton to work his magic.


TE: Gerald Ford

Gerald Ford is another football playing president (star at the University of Michigan). He has the look of a no nonsense tight end. Look at that smirk! That says “I’m going to ear hole you so hard on this crack back block you might die” That man, I’m convinced, is the second coming of Mike Ditka. Ditka was a great tight end in the NFL and Ford should fill this role quite nicely for our All-President fantasy team.


FLEX: Ronald Reagan

Reagan is our FLEX player. Primarily a slot receiver he is small enough that he can work the underneath routes while Lincoln and Clinton are doing their thing over the top. Interesting to note that Reagan also played college ball at Eureka. He was also an actor prior to being president so he should be able to draw some pass interference penalties to keep drives alive if he is matched up against a slower linebacker or safety.

ronald reagan

Kicker: Richard Nixon

Nixon is my kicker. He played tackle in college but didn’t start. So he probably had some time to work on kicking. He also was kicked out of office… I don’t know I’m reaching here. This team is going to go for it on 4th down I guess.


Head Coach: George Washington