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Are you growing increasingly bored and dissatisfied with your current fantasy football league? Well look no further, here are 12 ways to spice things up going into your 2016 draft. Satisfaction guaranteed!

12) Try an auction style draft

Many leagues have already adopted this philosophy, but if you’re league hasn’t, it’s well worth trying out. It can be set up online, or even better, can be done live, using fake (or real) money to bid on players with a real auctioneer (think Storage Wars).

11) Add IDP’s (Independent Defensive Players) IDP’s isn’t for everybody, as you need to be committed to learning a new style of fantasy football that most people don’t fully understand. However, IDP’s are guaranteed to make your league interesting again, and help you rekindle that old magic, opening up a hole new crop of players to choose from.

Hint: Take my boy JJ over anyone else!

10) Tell the last place team to kick rocks

Keep things competitive. Create a relegation-system and send the last place team packing at the conclusion of every season. Tell them to take their talents elsewhere and replace them with anyone else available (ask your mom). Relegated teams may attempt to reenter after sitting out a full season. Teams may reenter through some sort of competition, which could include anything from a Madden-tournament to a drink-off.

9) Draft a coach

Throw coaches into the mix. Each team must take a skipper at some point throughout the draft, who will either contribute to or take away from their teams point total at the end of the week. The scoring will depend on the performance of the coaches offence AND defence. Although it may be tempting, we still DO NOT recommend take Bill Belichick first overall.

8) Home-field advantage

To give more meaning to your regular season games, give the higher seeds in the playoffs a home-field advantage. This advantage probably shouldn’t be as substantial as the 12th man in Seattle, but still, the higher seed will automatically be given extra points ahead of the playoff game depending on the matchup. Exclude your league’s Super Bowl, as neither team should have a home-field advantage.

7) Implement draft-lottery 

In order to determine the draft order, use some form of a draft lottery. You can keep it simple and have your commish pick balls out of a basket, or do something more interesting, such as a Mario Kart-race, beer pong tournament, or longest kick contest (have a few beers and go kick some field goals at a local field). My personal favourite – have each owner take the Wonderlic Test and base the draft order off the results (just don’t pull a Mo Claiborne and score a 4/50).The Shiva

6) Invest in a trophy

Either purchase or create some sort of hilarious league trophy. You can find several online, many similar to the infamous Shiva (from one of the best TV shows of all-time — The League) which will all fit the bill. If you’re feeling particularly artsy, make one out of old beer bottles, beer caps and elbow macaroni. Carry on the tradition, engraving the championship winner’s name year in and year out.

5) Eliminate tanking 

Short and sweet. Tanking has become a big problem, especially in keeper leagues, where losing teams trade all their assets to the higher seeds and aim for an early pick next season. Implement a policy that sees the highest seeded non-playoff team get the first overall pick to ensure everyone gives it their all until the last game.

4) Teammate bonus 

Give a reason to acquire players who are teammates in real life. If a QB from your team throws the ball to a WR, RB or TE on your team for a touchdown, that score will be worth extra points. This makes your draft, trading and waiver wire strategies much more interesting.

3) The “Captain” rule

Each team has a captaincy to assign to one player each week, and that player will experience a 20% boost to their stats at the end of the game. Each player can only see the “C” a maximum of 4 times, so pay attention to match-ups and use it wisely.

2) Give away weekly/yearly awards

For money leagues, collect a little extra cash from each team at the draft, then use it on weekly and yearly awards. Give the team that scores the most points in each week 10 bucks. Give the team that made the best waiver wire pickup at the end of the year an extra 20, or even throw your struggling friend a bone, and give a small sum (5 dollars or less) to the team who loses the most man games to injury (only from the players they drafted)

1) Host a live-draft shindig a live-draft at someones house or a bar. Have a drink or five (helps you to make those GUTSY picks), order some za’ and have a good time. Write down all the picks on a whiteboard and have the commish record the results online afterwards. If you do it right, people will look forward to your yearly shindig more than they do for the actual NFL season.

Seriously folks, if you haven’t already implemented this strategy into your leagues, you are doing it very, very wrong.