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The Chargers have been covered in several different articles here on Triple Coverage thus far: Callum detailed the Chargers pass catchers, and I included QB Philip Rivers in the top 10 Quarterbacks as well.

We’ll go over it once more, this time with feeling.

We all know that Rivers, when he gets going, can be a force on the field. He may have a strange throwing motion, but it worked for him last year to the tune of his highest passing yardage output of his career. What’s more is that lofty goal came with a host of issues on offence, namely his WR Keenan Allen going down with a lacerated kidney, and longtime TE Antonio Gates being suspended for the first four games of the season.

However, the Chargers, fresh off a season in which they were so awful they ended up with the 3rd overall pick, are hoping to compete with the rest of their AFC West teammates. Truthfully, there isn’t a lot of fantasy gold to mine here in San Diego, other than perhaps the aforementioned Allen. He is fantastic, and probably won’t be available past the 3rd round at the absolute latest.

If RB Melvin Gordon can overcome his fumbling issues (six total lost fumbles in his rookie season, including one on a catch) and start scoring to boot (zero total TDs in 2015), then he might hold some value as well. It’s not all on him – the Chargers’ offensive line isn’t the greatest, and they suffered injuries last season as well. If it can all gel, Gordon might be worth a flier later in drafts.

Gates and RB Danny Woodhead are the two closest things that Rivers has to ‘ol’ reliable’ players, and Woodhead sneakily finished in the top 15 for RBs last season. In fact, he had such an amazing season, others took notice:

Pretty fantastic. But, outside those five players, not much else in San Diego on offence.

Recap: QB Philip Rivers, RB Melvin Gordon, RB Danny Woodhead, WR Keenan Allen, TE Antonio Gates