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The Jaguars, according to Curt, are a contender in the AFC South, if not a sure-fire playoff bound team (seriously, there are quite a lot of Jaguars references in our podcasts). I am a big fan of their team, and though while I am perhaps a little more conservative than my friend, I do think they have quite a few fantasy-relevant players for your team this year – let’s take a look!

As usual, we must start with the quarterback, Blake Bortles. Bortles was listed in our top 10, and for good reason: in his sophomore year, he threw for 4428 yards along with 35 TDs. There is some caution, though, which can simply be summed up in one word: turnovers. Bortles threw 18 interceptions along with five lost fumbles – if he can cut down on those, he will be an elite QB fantasy prospect.

It’s perhaps easier for Bortles to rack up the yardage – he has quite the collection of wideouts to throw to. The Allens, Robinson and Hurns, are both great players to have: Robinson probably won’t be drafted any later than the 2nd round, while Hurns’ position is a little more volatile – he has been going anywhere from the 6th round to the 10th. Still, they are both great to have, and both rack up receptions and touchdowns with relative ease. At tight end, Julius Thomas is a great late round flyer; as we discussed previously, there is so much scarcity at the position that if you think you can get even 600 yards and 4 TDs, you might as well do it if you don’t have a TE named Gronk or Olsen.

The running game is a little harder to figure out, with the addition of RB Chris Ivory, acquired in free agency after a few years with the New York Jets. Ivory is a hard runner, but the issue is that it makes the situation cloudy, considering T.J. Yeldon had seemingly locked up the job. It makes for a great real life one-two punch, but a not-so-great fantasy situation. Still, they are worth some fliers on, once the draft has progressed to the point all the starters have been taken.

Really, if the Jaguars can keep things the same on offence, and make some improvements on defence, they’ll be a pretty decent team in real life – and maybe in fantasy football, too.