In lieu of the first full Sunday of football in several months, we at Triple Coverage want to bring you our picks; we’ll get this into a weekly feature, ideally before the Thursday night game in the coming weeks. At the end of the season, we’ll compile some stats for your viewing pleasure.

Note: Because we’re posting this after the season opener on Thursday, I will admit that I had entirely picked the Panthers to win. We’ll mark that one down as a loss, and start the season 0-1…just like Carolina!

Carolina @ Denver
Tampa Bay @ Atlanta
Buffalo @ Baltimore
Chicago @ Houston
Green Bay @ Jacksonville
San Diego @ Kansas City
Oakland @ New Orleans
Cincinnati @ New York (Jets)
Minnesota @ Tennessee
Miami @ Seattle
New York (Giants) @ Cowboys
Detroit @ Indianapolis
New England @ Arizona
Pittsburgh @ Washington
Los Angeles @ San Francisco

There are some risky picks in here, but no risk, no reward, right? Chicago, Detroit, and Minnesota are all tough calls, but wins can be had.

The Los Angeles @ San Francisco game is a tough one too, as neither team has particularly had success on offence in recent years – but with Chip Kelly in town for the 49ers, it should be (one hopes, from a fantasy perspective) a little better.

Any Giants/Cowboys game is also relatively unpredictable, but I’m going with the G-Men – I’ll take a fully loaded team over one that is missing its starting quarterback, no matter how good Dak Prescott is supposed to be. I bELIeve in ELI!