Well, at the end of picking 256 regular season games (I can’t believe I stuck with it!), I finished with a total winning percentage of 61.71%. I’m not sure how good that actually is, but it’s not bad, and is a mark to beat next year.

For now, we’ll start over with the playoffs. Not a lot of games to pick from by their very nature, but we’ll keep going. We must.

Honestly, with the Raiders playing the Texans, I wish they could both lose. Without Derek Carr, the Raiders are so boring. With either Brock Osweiler or Tom Savage, so are the Texans. Their MNF game in Mexico earlier this year was cool, but also not the greatest game of all time – however, I think I’m going to be bold and pick the Raiders as the only away team to win on Wild Card Weekend.

On another note, Giants at Packers and Dolphins at Steelers (on the same day, no less!) promise to make up for it.

Sho’s Total Regular Season: 158-96- 2

Sho’s WC Picks:
Oakland @ Houston
Detroit @ Seattle
Miami @ Pittsburgh
New York (Giants) @ Green Bay